Meet the Crew

Zach Pafford

Co-Owner / Manager

Over the years, Zach has learned a lot through working in the carpentry trade. He loves building and working with his hands. Being a graduate from the University of New Hampshire, Zach applies what he's learned from school to his practical experience in the trades.

"I want our customers to be amazed with the products we build, and completely satisfied with the services we provide!"

Nick Pafford

Co-Owner / Lead Carpenter

Born and Raised from a family of builders, Nick developed the skills needed to succeed in the construction industry. Anything you can imagine, Nick can build it. He especially likes to build things that nobody has built before.

"Making a living being a carpenter is nice but putting roofs over peoples heads is even nicer!"

Jake Pafford

Carpenter / Subcontractor

Owner of Pafford's Property and Lawn.

Christian Stone

Subcontractor / Carpenter

Owner of Stone Property Maintenance.

Our Mission

Here at Pafford Construction we strive to provide our customers with high quality products and services. Being the small company that we are, we dedicate our time and efforts into making sure that every job is done correctly and that all of our customers are left feeling satisfied. It is our mission, as a company, to exert high quality craftsmanship on all of our projects, all while providing top level customer service.